Pop Icon Morrissey Says Diversity is Not a Strength. “If borders. Everyone ultimately prefers their own race. does this make everyone racist?

As Tucker is quickly learning, there can be no dissent from the notion that America is a proposition nation. And that proposition is “diversity”.

Viktor Orbán is a far-right nationalist who has been accused of “undermining liberal democracy” since he came to power in 2010. His reaction to the refugee crisis in Europe has been to close Hungary’s.

But diversity is no longer organic in our culture. It is almost always engineered, and engineered diversity is never good. Engineered diversity is the work of bureaucrats who stand above the mass of common people and declare from on high that certain races have exceeded their allotted percentages.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities,” said American. In the US, for instance, we actively monitor the diversity of our hiring and set.

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In Equinor the strength lies in the differences, not in the similarities of our employees. I firmly believe that our diversity is our strength. Like many of you,

It has not been our diversity, but our ability to overcome the problems inherent in diversity, and to act together as Americans, that has been our strength. In both World War I and World War II,

Secretary of the Army: America's Diversity Is Our Army's Strength. Within diverse teams, problem-solving is additive; it is not simply that one.

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Diversity is not our strength. hungarian prime minister victor orban, "Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one." https://t.co/ZlMXzcc87w – Steve King.

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“Diversity has always been our strength. any branch of government, not be too powerful. The Bill of Rights is all about constraining the power of government. The Constitution never once mentions.