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Higher than anticipated fourth quarter profits in the corporate sector, increased consumer confidence, an up-surge in home sales and a pent up demand for big ticket items are all indicative of a healthier economy, and when the economy is strong, rates go up," says Bitton, who notes that increases were most evident in long-term interest rates.

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That should result in pent-up demand for travel in 2017." Plunging desktop demand could mean computer bargains Buyers are apparently waiting for Vista to ship. As motherboards and other desktop PC components pile up at the end of October and in.

Pent-Up Demand This may occur following a recession due to increased spending as an economy recovers. Pent-up demand after several tight years, and an improving economy, got shoppers out in force on "Black Friday," too.

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A Demand to Bargain (DTB) is a request by either the Union or Management to the other party that they wish to negotiate policies, procedures or agreements. Most DTBs are issued by the Union to Management. What to say in a demand to bargain. Reduced demand could result in vacation bargains .. That should result in pent-up demand for travel in 2017.".

Off-Market Investment opportunities: central istanbul bargains at Discounted Prices. This means the buyer must be in position to complete the purchase within a day or.. This pent-up demand is resulting in purchases in Istanbul and coastal.

Considering Apple’s recent return to iPhone growth despite an aged form factor and expected pent-up demand for a redesigned iphone. segment looks almost certain at this point doesn’t mean investors.

pent-up adjective [ before noun ] ECONOMICS used to describe strong demand for a product that has not had the opportunity of being expressed as sales, for example because consumers have had too little money : Sales of heavy lorries increased, reflecting the improvement in the economy and pent-up demand from delayed purchases.

Pent-up definition, confined; restrained; not vented or expressed; curbed: pent-up emotions; pent-up rage. See more.